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Mobile App Development for the Medical Sector

Doctot is interested in talking to large stakeholders in the Medical sector with a view to developing world-class interactive tools for all of the disciplines, from Neurology & Ageing right through to Cancer care & Cardiology. If you would like to get in touch with Doctot please contact us with your query, you can find out more about our company on the about page also.

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Doctot combines Medical and Technical expertise with best in class User Experience. Doctot is a world leader in the development of clinical rating scales and guidelines on the Apple App Store.

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We're getting great feedback from thought leaders about Doctot's Apps

I encourage clinicians to use the FRAX® App as a part of their clinical assessment of patients. With timely treatment and advice, fractures and their serious repercussions can be prevented.

- Prof. Eugene McCloskey
(University of Sheffield)